Avoid Costly Boiler Repairs with Yearly Servicing

When your home central heating system is running smoothly, servicing is usually at the back of your mind. The old adage, “if it isn’t broken then don’t fix it”, rings true in this situation. However, regular servicing does have a number of benefits, which includes extending the lifespan of the boiler and helping to detect any carbon monoxide that could have begun leaking from the boiler.

A number of companies provide annual boiler servicing plans, whereby a service is carried out every year. An annual service checks the operation of the boiler and serves to detect any potential issues that are developing before the boiler breaks down or expensive repairs are needed. This is a money saver, because if a fault is developing with a particular part and it is left, the problem will get worse over time and affect other parts, causing a costly repair.


A boiler that has not been serviced could result in a build-up of carbon monoxide, the silent killer, which can be leaking out into your house without you knowing. This is one of the most serious issues with gas boilers and having no smell, makes it deadly. A faulty boiler will be inefficient at burning fuel, increasing the cost of your energy bills and increasing your carbon footprint.

In the UK, it is now law for landlords to have a gas safety certificate, renewed annually, for each property. This needs to be completed by a gas safe engineer.

Minor boiler faults can develop into full-blown issues, often requiring multiple parts to be replaced and increasing the cost significantly. Boiler Repairs Manchester offer full repair and boiler servicing, which covers all boiler types. Repairs can usually be fixed quickly, even if new parts are required. However, if your boiler is particularly old it may take significantly longer for parts to be sourced. In this case you may be advised that it would be better to replace the boiler.