Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

Most roof problems occur in the winter months when there is increased rainfall and colder temperatures. This is the worst time to suffer a leaking roof because you end being exposed to the elements just at the time of year when you want your house to be a warm and dry haven.

Most damaged roofs stem from weaknesses or broken tiles that are already present. A strong storm can then take hold on the roof and cause even more damage, resulting in the need to carry out costly repairs. It may be seen as an unnecessary expense to fix  a broken tile, however, if left it can turn a relatively easy and inexpensive job into a more complex problem with high costs.

It makes sense to regularly check your roof tiles and get any potential issues fixed. This doesn’t need to be done that frequently. Roofers Derby recommend the best times to check are at the end of the summer season and after any strong storms or adverse weather. As well as visually checking the roof externally, there are other warning signs inside the property that can point to a roof problem.

If you are experiencing leaks or damp, it could be caused by a cracked tile. If a tile has been dislodged or blown off in high winds we advise it is quickly replaced to prevent water reaching the felt. If a roof tile has been blown off it could cause more nearby tiles to be dislodged causing a bigger issue.


Flat roofs can get damaged if there is standing water for more than 3 days on the roof after periods of rainfall. The best course of action is to remove the water after heavy rain to prevent any permanent damage. If water has been allowed to sit on the roof for any length of time look for sagging where a board has broken under the weight of the water.

Other things to pay attention to with a flat roof are holes developing, which can go on to cause leaks and damage to the inner layers. Strong winds could lift off the top layer, which needs to be repaired before the inner layers get damaged and cause a more costly repair.

With winter fast approaching it is advisable to conduct an inspection of your roof and get any issues repaired now before further damage occurs during the winter months. A small repair is far less costly than needing more extensive repairs later on, or in the worst case needing a replacement roof.

Avoid Costly Boiler Repairs with Yearly Servicing

When your home central heating system is running smoothly, servicing is usually at the back of your mind. The old adage, “if it isn’t broken then don’t fix it”, rings true in this situation. However, regular servicing does have a number of benefits, which includes extending the lifespan of the boiler and helping to detect any carbon monoxide that could have begun leaking from the boiler.

A number of companies provide annual boiler servicing plans, whereby a service is carried out every year. An annual service checks the operation of the boiler and serves to detect any potential issues that are developing before the boiler breaks down or expensive repairs are needed. This is a money saver, because if a fault is developing with a particular part and it is left, the problem will get worse over time and affect other parts, causing a costly repair.


A boiler that has not been serviced could result in a build-up of carbon monoxide, the silent killer, which can be leaking out into your house without you knowing. This is one of the most serious issues with gas boilers and having no smell, makes it deadly. A faulty boiler will be inefficient at burning fuel, increasing the cost of your energy bills and increasing your carbon footprint.

In the UK, it is now law for landlords to have a gas safety certificate, renewed annually, for each property. This needs to be completed by a gas safe engineer.

Minor boiler faults can develop into full-blown issues, often requiring multiple parts to be replaced and increasing the cost significantly. Boiler Repairs Manchester offer full repair and boiler servicing, which covers all boiler types. Repairs can usually be fixed quickly, even if new parts are required. However, if your boiler is particularly old it may take significantly longer for parts to be sourced. In this case you may be advised that it would be better to replace the boiler.

The Most Secure Dog Harness

There are so many dog harnesses for sale on the market that it makes it difficult to know which ones are secure and comfortable. The last thing any dog owner wants is for their dog to escape and get lost or worse wander into unsafe areas or on to busy roads. This makes it imperative to select the correct dog harness from the start, not allowing the risk of a loose dog.

dog harnessesExpect to pay more for a good quality harness that will offer you a secure fit. The old adage of you get what you pay for very much holds true when shopping g for dog products. Cheap harnesses will often claim to be a good fitand fully adjustable and made from comfortable fabric, but this is often not the case. This group of dog harnesses will often wear out quickly and will often not fit the dog properly causing discomfot when walking. This can then lead to problems arising with dog behaviour, which are likely to be attributed to other factors.

One of the best premium brands for dog gear is Ruffwear, who make outdoor gear for everyday use. Ruffwear use higher quality materials that are guaranteed to last given the rigorous adventures our furry friends like to partake in everyday. The o ly downside to Ruffwear products is the cost, with many families finding it hard to justify the cost for some of their gear. This aside, Ruffwear dog gear has some of the best reviews and is certainly worth every penny in the long term.

Ruffwear HarnessThe latest Ruffwear harness to come to market is the Ruffwear Front Range Harness. This dog harness retails at a much cheAper price pout than the iconic Webmaster harness and was designed primarily to be a simple, secure everyday harness. It features some nice attention to detail with a front lead clip and an ID tag holder. In testing, this harness is padded to offer extra comfort and offers a good fit the dog making it something dogs accept and have positive associations with.

It is clear to see that a Ruffwear harness is one of the best choices a dog owner can rake in providing a secure harness for everyday walking. For Houdini dogs, the Webmaster harness is the best choice, because it has an extra belly strap, making is almost impossible for even the best escape artists to break free.