How Does SEO Generate More Traffic To My Website?

You may have heard or read one of the many emails from India offering cheap SEO services, that SEO will rank your website in Google. The truth is, yes it can if it is done the right way. However, caution needs to be taken when selecting the right SEO professional to work on your website. The last thing you want is for your website to get penalised because you tried to cut costs and hired the wrong person.

The field of search engine optimisation is changing all the time and methods that used to work really well to rank a website, no longer work very well, or worse they are now a fast track to plummeting out of the search engines completely. This makes it even more essential to hire someone local who is able to stay ahead of the game.

If you have a website that shows up in Google on the bottom of page 1 or maybe even page 2 or 3, you will probably notice that it doesn’t get much search traffic. This is because when someone uses the internet to search for a service they are looking for, typically, they will not even look at page 2.

There is research from Moz, a trusted online SEO resource that suggests the position of your website in Google will get a percentage of clicks depending on how highly it falls in the ranks. For position one, an average click through rate (CTR) that can be expected is 31.24% of all people looking for your search term. This falls to 14.04% for position two and down to 9.85% for position three. For page two the CTR is only 3.99%, falling down to only a mere 1.6% for page three.


If you website is sitting on page two or three for the search terms for your business, then it is not going to generate much traffic. However, if your website moves up into the prime real estate of the top three ranks in Google, it is going to get much more traffic. This increase in traffic is most likely going to result in an increase in sales, or an increase in enquiries directly coming from the website.

This is where a service such as that offered by Derby Search Engine Optimisation is really going to make a huge difference to your company. Think of it this way, you are paying someone to put you in the prime real estate of Google. The difference this can make to business can be life changing.



The only thing to consider when looking at using an SEO service to increase your rankings is to ask yourself one question. “Can you handle a sudden influx of new customers?” If the answer to this is anything but yes, then you should really think about whether SEO would be right match for you. It can be very easy to become overwhelmed if suddenly you have twice the number of clients and are not prepared.