Post-Partum Exercise to Reduce Tummy Size

Having a baby is a big deal, being a big strain on our bodies, so it is no surprise that it doesn’t go back to normal right away. It can take a long time and a lot of work to fully recover from child birth. The tummy will slowly start to reduce in size and after a month the womb should have contracted back down to the size it was before pregnancy. However, the tummy will probably still be larger than pre-pregnancy size and a lot looser.


After 6 weeks postpartum it is generally safe to start exercising again. Regular exercise along with a healthy balanced diet will help to both tone and reduce the size of your stomach. The main aim is to allow at least 6 months to shed all the baby weight.

It is best to start slowly, especially if you didn’t do regular exercise before pregnancy. A good way to start is by taking your baby out for walks. This will not only help you burn some calories and feel better, but the fresh air is good for baby. There may even be some Buggy Fit South Derbyshire classes at a park near you where you can do a workout designed for mums and take baby along with you.


The key to toning your stomach muscles is to work on strengthening your core from the inside first. This is important because if you just do crunches you could make the bulge worse and slow the healing process. Therefore, it is best to follow a fitness program that has been designed specifically for mum’s and will be targeting the right muscles with the right exercises.

If the tummy bulge is severe and after several months of giving birth you still look 4 months pregnant, then it may be worth testing to see if you have rectus abdominis diastasis. This is where the abs separate during pregnancy and have failed to close back up. It is important to check what exercises you are doing if you do have diastasis recti, because doing certain stretches can make the condition worse. There are a few fitness programs that are focus on transverse abdominal exercises to repair a diastasis recti.


Even with regular exercise it can still take time to get back down to pre-pregnancy weight and reduce the mummy tummy back down to normal size. Allow plenty of time for this process and keep up with the exercise regime because it will work given the time your body needs to adjust.