The Most Secure Dog Harness

There are so many dog harnesses for sale on the market that it makes it difficult to know which ones are secure and comfortable. The last thing any dog owner wants is for their dog to escape and get lost or worse wander into unsafe areas or on to busy roads. This makes it imperative to select the correct dog harness from the start, not allowing the risk of a loose dog.

dog harnessesExpect to pay more for a good quality harness that will offer you a secure fit. The old adage of you get what you pay for very much holds true when shopping g for dog products. Cheap harnesses will often claim to be a good fitand fully adjustable and made from comfortable fabric, but this is often not the case. This group of dog harnesses will often wear out quickly and will often not fit the dog properly causing discomfot when walking. This can then lead to problems arising with dog behaviour, which are likely to be attributed to other factors.

One of the best premium brands for dog gear is Ruffwear, who make outdoor gear for everyday use. Ruffwear use higher quality materials that are guaranteed to last given the rigorous adventures our furry friends like to partake in everyday. The o ly downside to Ruffwear products is the cost, with many families finding it hard to justify the cost for some of their gear. This aside, Ruffwear dog gear has some of the best reviews and is certainly worth every penny in the long term.

Ruffwear HarnessThe latest Ruffwear harness to come to market is the Ruffwear Front Range Harness. This dog harness retails at a much cheAper price pout than the iconic Webmaster harness and was designed primarily to be a simple, secure everyday harness. It features some nice attention to detail with a front lead clip and an ID tag holder. In testing, this harness is padded to offer extra comfort and offers a good fit the dog making it something dogs accept and have positive associations with.

It is clear to see that a Ruffwear harness is one of the best choices a dog owner can rake in providing a secure harness for everyday walking. For Houdini dogs, the Webmaster harness is the best choice, because it has an extra belly strap, making is almost impossible for even the best escape artists to break free.